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third watch icon contest

so, what's next; you guys unzip and i get a tape measure

Third Watch Icon Contest
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Each week, a Third Watch screen capture will be posted. It's your job to turn that screen capture into an icon.

Icons will be due on Wednesdays, and voting will begin the same day and last until Friday. Winners will be announced during the weekend.

As always, there are a few simple rules. If there are any questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment to the community's introductory post.

1.) Icons must be .png, .gif, or .jpg and no larger than 100 x 100 pixels and 40K. You have to be able to use them, in other words.

2.) You must use the screen capture of the week. You may use other images to add texture or colour, but the screen capture must be the main image.

3.) Cheating will not be tolerated. This would be entering an icon that you did not create, copying someone else's icon, or having friends join so they can vote for your icon.

4.) You can only enter one icon per week, and that icon must be posted to the community. If you want to create more than one icon and post them to the community, that is acceptable, but please clearly note which icon you are entering. Also, if you are posting more than two icons, it would be nice of you to put them behind a cut tag.

5.) Anti-character or anti-relationship icons or sentiments (in posts or comments ) will not be tolerated. There seems to be a good deal of negativity in the fandom, but let's keep it away from this community.

6.) Do not flame the other community members. If you have criticism or suggestions to offer, do so constuctively.

Anyone found violating these rules will receive a warning, and anyone who violates the rules repeatedly will be removed from the community.

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